Ask the Chef

Andrei Serdin is the brand-chef of the Goodman chain of steakhouses.

Best dish
"Shashlik of any refrigerated meat."

Most popular dish in your restaurant
"Caesar salad with chicken, and filet mignon."

Favorite food
"Goodman's rib-eye steak."

Favorite (other) restaurant in Moscow
"Torro Grill."

Favorite (other) restaurant worldwide
"Smith and Wollensky."

Strangest dish you've tried
"For me, the combination of vanilla ice cream with cherry tomatoes was incomprehensible."

Is your cuisine authentic or adapted?
"It's a mix of European and American cuisine. The equipment that we cook on is European -- a Josper charcoal oven from Spain -- but the idea was borrowed from America. In Russia, people prefer meat cooked over charcoal to meat cooked on a grill. That's why it was decided to do it that way. But among our regular guests, there are people from Britain and America."

Comment on the state of the local restaurant business"Compared with 2000, the restaurant business has become more professional. In my opinion, the Moscow business has a big future, and that's associated with the growth of the democratic restaurant segment. People have come to understand that they can get quality food outside the home."

Most important or surprising thing you have learned in your profession
"The most surprising is the endless flow of new information that I receive every day. The most important thing for me is to professionally feed the guests."


Goodman, 23 Tverskaya Ul., 31 Novinsky Bulvar, 57 Leninsky Prospekt, 45 Profsoyuznaya Ul., 1 Kievskaya Ploshchad (Yevropeisky mall), 13 Bolshaya Tulskaya Ul. (Yerevan Plaza), 42 Shchukinskaya Ul. (Shchuka mall), 775-9888,

Smith and Wollensky, 49th Street & 3rd Avenue New York, (+1 212) 753-1530,

Torro Grill, 6 Prospekt Vernadskogo (Ramstor-Kapitoly mall) 775-4503.