Georgia Says Russian Jet Downed Drone

TBILISI — Georgia on Monday accused a Russian air force jet of violating its airspace and shooting down an unmanned reconnaissance plane, but Moscow called the allegation nonsense.

The Georgian air force released video footage it said came from the drone's on-board camera and which it said showed a Russian MiG-29 jet launching a missile at the plane as it flew over the breakaway Abkhazia region.

The allegation is likely to further aggravate tensions between Moscow and Tbilisi, which are locked in a standoff over Georgia's ambitions to join NATO and Moscow's support for separatist regions of Georgia.

"On April 20 a Russian MiG-29 fighter jet shot down an unarmed, unmanned air vehicle which was performing basic reconnaissance over Georgian territory," said Colonel David Nairashvili, the commander of Georgia's air force.