Good Beer at Grossbir

MTGrossbir and Grossbif may be related restaurants, but they differ greatly.
Grossbir's opening coincided with the opening of Grossbif, which is not surprising since they are both the product of same restaurateur -- Vladimir Pavlov. While they may share the same creator and the same logo, they could not be more different from one another. While Grossbif is a slick grill restaurant with a thoroughly modern interior located far from the center, Grossbir is a down-to-earth beer restaurant with a classic alehouse interior situated downtown in Zamoskvorechye. Grossbir's two-story interior doesn't break any ground with its conservative design. As in many beer restaurants around town, the wooden furniture is simple, large and heavy. The walls are roughly plastered in white, and red cloth drapes inscribed with a large letter "G" hang above the windows.

The menu lists all the necessary classics plus a few slightly more unusual options. The beer snacks section is certainly not a typical assortment -- there are such dishes as prosciutto di Parma (130), Milano salami (130 rubles), ventricina pork sausages (120 rubles) and Spianata Romana salami (120 rubles). A mixed plate that includes all of the above along with green and black olives costs 670 rubles. A more traditional beer-snack selection is found under the hot snacks heading where there are calamari rings (180 rubles), onion rings (120 rubles), buffalo chicken wings (250 rubles), pork ribs (270 rubles) and the old Russian favorites, boiled prawns (230 rubles) and fried garlic rye bread (90 rubles). Naturally, there are bangers, including hunter's sausages, lamb and beef, pork and beef, pork and chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, all of which cost 360 rubles.

The beer selection includes dark and light Krusovice (200 rubles a half-liter), light and dark Schofferhofer (190 rubles a half-liter) as well as Bowman Stout (200 rubles a half liter). The light house beer costs 99 rubles and comes filtered and unfiltered. All the beers can be ordered in 1.7 liter jugs or 3.5 liter towers, both with a small discount compared to the per mug rate.

18 Ovchinnikovsky Per.,
648-5056, 238-8832, noon-midnight,
M. Novokuznetskaya.