Ask the Chef

Alexei Strukov is brand chef of the Kolbasoff chain.

Favorite dish

"Lamb filet stuffed with goat's cheese, walnuts and fresh cilantro under cranberry sauce."

Most popular dish in your restaurant
"Borodinskiye grenki, a toast appetizer, and, of course, our house sausage Kolbasoff No. 2."

Favorite food
"Tastily cooked meat."

Favorite (other) restaurant in Moscow
"Bely Kvadrat."

Favorite (other) restaurant worldwide
"Le Crocodile in Strasbourg."

Strangest dish you've tried
"To me, it seems you can call a dish strange if it consists of ingredients that initially seem incongruous, for example a salad of sturgeon with chicken, which I once tried in a restaurant."

Is your cuisine authentic or adapted?
"I consider our cuisine to be adapted, as it is aimed at the Russian consumer, with consideration of his peculiarities and mentality."

Comment on the state of the Moscow restaurant business
"The restaurant business in Moscow is about halfway along its path of development; there is enough competition, but also enough vacant niches."

Most important or surprising thing you have learned in your profession
"The most important thing in my profession is not to be afraid to experiment, because that's what gives the required result."


Bely Kvadrat

(Carre Blanc),
19/2 Seleznyovskaya Ul., 258-4403, M. Novoslobodskaya.

21 Taganskaya Ul., M. Taganskaya;
27 Rusakovskaya Ul., M. Sokolniki; 995-2333;
see for all branches' addresses.

Le Crocodile
(Restaurant Au Crocodile),
10 Rue Outre, Strasbourg, France,
(+33 3) 8832-1302,