First Video Added to Moscow Times Web Site

The video, a 3 1/2-minute interview with Rose Gottemoeller, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, examines the informal summit between Presidents Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush in Sochi on April 6. The video can be found on The Moscow Times' homepage,

"Transforming into a multimedia source of information is vital for the development of any outlet that wishes to transcend the boundaries of print publications and expand its audience," said Moscow Times deputy editor Simon Saradzhyan, who conducted the interview with Gottemoeller and is overseeing video development for the newspaper. "Internet videos are a very important part of this transformation."

Future videos will be posted on the homepage and on a planned video portal on the newspaper's web site. The video portal also will serve as an archive where readers can watch older recordings.

"The videos are intended to not only help visualize articles from the print version of the newspaper, but to add value by offering insights on a wide range of important topics," Saradzhyan said.

The addition of video is among several planned changes aimed at improving the web site and providing readers with even more information about Russian business and politics. The Moscow Times recently revamped its stocks page to include comprehensive data received directly from RTS and MICEX, the two main exchanges.

Established in 1992, The Moscow Times is the only English-language daily in Russia with a circulation of 35,000 copies. The Moscow Times also publishes the Russia edition of the International Herald Tribune and the color supplements RealEstate Catalog, Real Estate Quarterly, the Moscow Guide and the Dining Guide. The newspaper is the flagship publication of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines, a Finnish-owned publishing group whose 30-plus titles include the biweekly St. Petersburg Times, the Russian-language newspaper Vedomosti and the Russian editions of Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Harvard Business Review, National Geographic and SmartMoney.

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