Moscow does not have a reputation as a particularly child-friendly city, but there are some restaurants and stores that provide facilities with changing tables.

Dom Oranzhevoi Korovy,
18 Pavlovskaya Ul., M. Tulskaya

Festival shopping center,
23 Michurinsky Prospekt,
M. Yugo-Zapadnaya

Gorod shopping center,
M. Ryazansky Prospekt

Korablik shopping center,
1 Chertanovskaya Ul.,
M. Chertanovskaya

38/2 Krasnoprudnaya Ul.,
M. Krasnoselskaya

L-153 shopping center,
153 Lublinskaya Ul.,
M. Bratislavskaya

29 Bolshaya Bronnaya Ul.,
M. Pushkinskaya or Chekhovskaya

38 Rublyovskoye Shosse, Bldg. 1, M. Krylatskoye

83 Leninsky Prospekt

12 Prospekt Mira,
M. Sukharevskaya

53/96 Proyektiruyemy Proyezd,
Bldg. 15, M. Orekhovo

15 Novy Arbat, M. Arbatskaya

Ogorod Cafe,
28 Prospekt Mira,
M. Prospekt Mira

Solnechny Arlekino kids' club,
19/3 Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya Ul., Bldg.1, M. Taganskaya

Stop-Kadr Kafe,
14 Ul. Leskova, M. Altufyevo

6A Sheremetyevskaya Ul.,

Real shopping center,
17 Signalny Proyezd,
M. Vladykino

Additionally, all Mega malls have changing facilities.

Where to Breastfeed

Apart from the ever-popular IKEA, the Oranzhevaya Korova (Orange Cow) cafe is famous for its family atmosphere. Women breastfeeding their babies are not a rare sight there.

In general, breastfeeding in public is not forbidden, but it can raise a few stares and surprised looks. Local culture views the practice of breastfeeding as a private affair and to do this in public should be more of a response to an emergency situation rather than a regular occurrence.

Special rooms for mothers to breastfeed and change diapers are available at all of Moscow's major airports and long-distance train stations, although some require a health certificate for entrance.