News in Brief

Zyuganov Doubts Dyarchy

Russia is heading for a crisis if President Vladimir Putin and his successor, Dmitry Medvedev, try to share the country's leadership, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov said Tuesday.

Putin has said he will serve as prime minister under Medvedev, who is to be sworn in on May 7.

Russian history has shown that in the absence of a clear leader, "feuds and serious disorder" always emerge, Zyuganov said. "So we need to understand how they will divide up power between them. If they rule together it will not work out," he said. (Reuters)

Tajiks Charged With Killing

Prosecutors have charged two Tajik men with the murder of Channel One journalist Ilyas Shurpayev last month, officials said Tuesday.

Shurpayev was found last month in his Moscow apartment, with stab wounds and a belt around his neck.

Investigators suggested that the killing appeared to be a robbery gone awry.

Masrudzhon Yatimov and Nadzhmiddin Mukhiddinov were charged with murder by Russian and Tajik authorities, and were in custody in Tajikistan, officials in both countries said. (AP)

Spain Takes Down Sex Ring

MADRID -- Spanish police said Tuesday that they had dismantled a Russian prostitution ring that involved the trafficking of women and detained 76 people.

Victims were brought in from Russia and kept in cramped conditions in brothels, police said in a statement.

The prostitution ring may have transferred more than 2 million euros ($3.15 million) to Russia illegally, the statement said. (Reuters)