Lavrov Wants Permanent Base Access

Russia is demanding that the United States give its military permanent access to its planned missile-shield sites in Eastern Europe, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying Tuesday.

"For us it is important that we should see second-by-second where that radar is looking, and what is happening at the interceptor [missile] base in the Czech Republic," Lavrov said in an interview, Ekho Moskvy radio reported.

"In the proposals which we have received [from U.S. negotiators] ... there is no mention of a permanent presence," Lavrov was quoted as saying. "It says that officers can be posted to the Russian embassies in Poland and the Czech Republic and work at these sites on the basis of reciprocity."

The United States wants to station a radar in the Czech Republic and 10 interceptor missiles in Poland as part of a missile-defense system.

Russia has opposed the shield plan, saying it is a threat to its national security. U.S. President George W. Bush and President Vladimir Putin failed to resolve their feud over the shield at a summit at the weekend.