Satisfy Your Carb Craving

Independent Media
This week, bread lovers in Moscow can celebrate at the festival of bread going on at pavilion 20 of the All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVTs) through April 11. In addition to exhibits focusing on bread and pastries Ч and the ingredients that can be used in them Ч the bread expo also features a pasta exhibit and exhibits of new technology and developments in flour, yeast and other baking materials. The Russian Bread Cup will be awarded in three categories: traditional bread, puff pastries or pastries made with yeast, and decorative baking.

Even if you miss the festival, you no longer have to look very hard for a place to satisfy your craving. Belgian chain Le Pain Quotidien has recently opened a new bakery on Kamergersky Pereulok, supplementing its three other Moscow cafes, on Lesnaya Ulitsa, Zubovsky Bulvar and inside the Yevropeisky shopping center. The popular Volkonsky bakery, a local version of France"s Eric Kaiser chain, now has three locations Ч on Bolshaya Sadovaya, Maroseika and the Arbat. And you can find Khleb and Co., a creation of local restaurateur Stepan Mikhailovich, on Ulitsa Ostozhenka and Studencheskaya Ulitsa. While all these cafes take a mostly European approach to bread, Tri Piroga, on 1st Nikoloshchepovsky Pereulok, specializes in Russian and Ossetian baked goods.

The 13th Annual Bread Expo incorporating the 10th Festival of Bread will take place from April 8 to 11. For more information, visit

Khleb & Co, 3/14 Ulitsa Ostozhenka, 695-2731, M. Kropotkinskaya; 26 Studencheskaya Ul., 499-766-1602, M. Studencheskaya;

Le Pain Quotidien, Yevropeisky Shopping Center, 4th Floor, 229-6674, M. Kievskaya; 6 Kamergersky Pereulok, 292-5114, M. Teatralnaya; 1/2 Lesnaya Ul., 234-2785, M. Belorusskaya; 5/3 Zubovsky Bulvar, 247-1795, M. Park Kultury;

Tri Piroga, 6 1st Nikoloshchepovsky Pereulok, 500-8583, building 1, M. Smolenskaya.

Volkonsky, 2/46 Bolshaya Sadovaya, 699-3620, M. Mayakovskaya; 4/2 Ul. Maroseika, 721-1442, M. Kitai-Gorod; 1 Arbat, 580-9052;