What to Do: Sell Your Books Online

A new web site makes it easy to buy and sell used books online. Gojaba.com, an online marketplace, was created by Canadian company AbeBooks.com. A clean, no-frills site interface makes it easy to browse by category or search for a desired title.

Sellers have to register and pay a monthly fee of 129 rubles to be able to upload the 20,000 titles offered for sale. Buyers can browse the website and put items into a shopping cart. Sellers may have different conditions for payment and delivery, and the web site acts only as a middleman without taking commission on the transactions.

At time of writing, the web site was in beta version, with most titles dating from the 1970s and 80s. Although the service specifically positions itself as "low cost," defining the price is up to the seller. The website has Russian and Swedish branches, and is likely to expand to other markets.