Restaurant News

Zholtoye More
Gastropub Prostiye Veshchi in conjunction with the Norwegian Seafood Export Council and restaurant critic Alexei Zimin are gearing up to kick off a week of herring. Running April 7-12, the promotion is titled "New Herring." Aiming to show this old favorite in a new light, Zimin has prepared a range of new dishes, all featuring, naturally, herring. On the menu are such dishes as lightly salted herring with onion sauce, ruccola, rye-bread croutons and sunflower seeds (270 rubles), herring tartare with green apple on toasted Scandinavian bread (330 rubles), soup-vinegret with herring and green peas (190 rubles), and herring seasoned with cream and herbs served with caramelized carrots and green aioli (450 rubles).

32 Konyushkovskaya Ul., 255-6362,
M. Krasnopresnenskaya.

Upmarket Asian restaurant Zholtoye More (pictured) is catering to its guests observing the Great Fast with a special Lenten menu. Easily fitting in to its existing menu's concept, the new dishes hardly stand out. There are rolls with fried vegetables and tofu (350 rubles), rolls with zucchini and fried vegetables (370 rubles) and rolls with eggplant and fried vegetables (350 rubles). Other Lenten dishes include fried broccoli and sprouts with garlic and spices (350 rubles) and fried eggplant and vegetables with sweet and sour sauce (350 rubles).

27 Ul. Bolshaya Polyanka,
953-9634/54, M. Polyanka

Slick French restaurant Maison Cafe has revamped its menu in time for spring. New on the bill are such dishes as foie gras terrine marinated in cognac and served with brioche and onion-and-orange confiture (580 rubles), langoustine salad with boiled vegetables, artichoke and fresh truffle under a bisque sauce (860 rubles) and "21 days" veal chops under a morel cream sauce served with baked potatoes, onion and bacon (1,680 rubles).

12 Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya,
Bldg. 8, 246-3240,
M. Smolenskaya.

Sushi Vyosla on Lubyanka and Leninsky Prospekt have introduced a special offer. For those who choose to dine under the bows of their galley suspended above the bars found in both restaurants, the eateries will be providing special discounts -- a 90 ruble menu where every item dish is -- 90 rubles. Special dishes include cucumber and eel rolls, avocado rolls, salmon rolls and prawn with cheese rolls -- all come with six pieces. Sushi specials, which some in sets of two, include salmon, eel, prawn or perch.

25 Nikolskaya Ul., inside the Nautilus retail center,73/8 Leninsky Prospekt, 134-0353, M. Universitet.