Boy Kidnapped in 1992 Found in Latvia

RIGA, Latvia -- A 16-year-old Latvian boy who was kidnapped as an infant in 1992 has been placed in foster care and could soon be reunited with his mother after a startling break in the case, Latvian authorities said.

Investigators made the discovery after the woman who raised the boy in Daugavpils, near the border with Belarus, was arrested in a separate case and questions arose about the boy's identity, police spokeswoman Inguna Dunda said Wednesday.

Dunda said investigators who worked on the case at the time recalled how the woman had gone shopping and left her child in a baby carriage outside a store. When she came back out, both the child and carriage had disappeared, she said.

A DNA test confirmed that the teenager was the boy who was kidnapped when he was 1 1/2 months old, the State Police said.