Ask the Frequent Flyer

Oleg Bardeyev, managing partner Observatoire restaurant

Your favorite destination

I love to travel, but my most memorable trips from the past 10 years have been to Northern Spain, on the border with France. I have been there many times and seen all of the small towns. Some of them have existed from the 15th and 16th centuries and try to preserve the old traditions in everything. I recommend Garos, Escunhau, Salardu and Tavascan. It is best to rent a car and go north from Madrid and not plan anything; surprises await you just 100 kilometers away.

Favorite hotel
Microscopic rural hotels in the same part of the world, located in 17th century buildings and containing only two or three guest rooms. Some of them need to be reserved a year in advance. They offer fantastic food and the opportunity to feel like a medieval peasant. I recommend Mas Falgarona, Mas Pau, Torre del Remei, El Moli, Cal Sastre and Placa Garos.

Favorite restaurant
I can't point to just one, since I always have different experiences. Most of my favorite restaurants are in Spain, and some of them don't even have names. They only serve two or three dishes, but all of them are extraordinary.

Favorite airport
I don't like airports, and try to plan my trips with no layovers and so I am able to get through this part of my journey in the quickest possible way.

Which airline has the best food?
Airlines that use FlyFusion company services (our new airline meal service project). That only applies to business class so far. I very much liked the food on board an interior Thai flight from Phuket, in first class. Besides fantastic food, I was given a massage and refreshing aromatic napkins that smelled of ginger and lemongrass.