11 Regions Voting Sunday for New Parliaments

Voters in 11 regions Sunday will cast ballots in local parliamentary elections coinciding with the presidential election. But they won't have many liberal opposition candidates to choose from.

In the wake of a disastrous performance in the Dec. 2 State Duma elections, the Union of Right Forces, or SPS, is fielding candidates in only one region, while Yabloko is not on a single ballot.

"The party has no money," senior Yabloko official Galina Mikhalyova said.

Requirements to get on the ballot vary depending on the region, but Yabloko would have had to put down about $50,000 in deposit money or collect about 10,000 signatures to register in a given region, Mikhalyova said.

"Both tasks are impossible for an opposition party," she said.

SPS, meanwhile, will run only in the Ivanovo region, where the threshold to make it into the regional parliament is only 4 percent -- three percentage points less than the threshold to make it into the State Duma.

Neither Yabloko nor SPS managed to break the 7 percent barrier in the Dec. 2 Duma elections, which they say were fraught with violations and abuses by authorities.

The four parties represented in the Duma -- United Russia, A Just Russia, the Communists and the Liberal Democratic Party -- are not required to submit a deposit or signatures to get on regional ballots.