Pasha's Turkish Treats

MTPasha Kebab's Turkish chefs are offering more than just simple kebabs.
Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad may be far from the city center, but then there are few Turkish restaurants to be found in Moscow -- so heading out past the Third Ring Road may well be justified if you're craving a Lahmacun, or Turkish pizza. And there is more to Pasha Kebab than its name suggests, as this is no mere kebab joint, rather, it is an elaborately fitted-out restaurant.

In one corner of the basement eatery, which recently reopened after a renovation, there is a large blue-and-white tiled tandir-style oven where the chef can be seen preparing various pizzas and flatbreads. Besides numerous ethnic trinkets on display there are also large photographs of brightly colored vegetables hung around the walls. Turkish-language sports broadcasts add an air of authenticity, as does the restaurant's dual-language Turkish-Russian business cards.

Naturally, given the prominent position that Pasha Kebab's oven takes inside the restaurant, the baked goods are a sure bet. The superthin Turkish pizzas come in various flavors. The menu lists a Lahmacun with ground meat (140 rubles) and various baked flatbread pizzas including one with chopped beef, tomato and peppers (250 rubles), cheese (210 rubles) and ground meat (230 rubles).

Not surprisingly, given the restaurant's name, it also prepares a range of kebabs, including a spicy adana lamb kebab, beyti lamb kebab with a yogurt sauce, and an urfa lamb kebab (all 450 rubles). There is also a selection of shish kebabs starting at 390 rubles for chicken varieties and 450 rubles for lamb or beef. A leg of lamb suitable for three to five people will set you back 3,500 rubles.

The menu lists draft beer starting from 100 rubles for a half-liter of Holsten, although it was absent on a recent visit, replaced with a much tastier Belgian Bourgogne Des Flandres dark beer at 120 rubles for 330 milliliters (listed on the bill as 200 milliliters).

Pasha Kebab, 7 Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad, Bldg. 1, 652-8875, noon-midnight, M. Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad.