Airbus Says Russia Needs New Planes

Airbus, the world's largest commercial aircraft maker, said Wednesday that Russian airlines would need to add 921 new airplanes by 2026 to replace their aging fleets and to meet growing demand.

The country's carriers, led by state-controlled Aeroflot, will need 793 single-aisle and 128 twin-aisle airplanes, worth a combined $78.7 billion over the next 18 years, Airbus said in a presentation in Moscow. That would make Russia the No. 6 market, after the United States, China, Britain, Germany and India.

The country's 160 airlines carried 18 percent more passengers last year, or 45 million travelers, according to preliminary results released by the Transportation Ministry. Russian carriers increasingly rely on foreign-made jets as the domestic industry is unable to build aircraft in sufficient numbers.

Airbus said Commonwealth of Independent States members would need 1,290 aircraft with a total value of $104 billion during the same period. This figure refers to passenger aircraft with at least 100 seats, Airbus said.