Ask the Boss: Q: Why might someone turn down a job offer in Russia?

Teri Lindeberg, CEO, Staffwell

The general reservation people have about taking a job in Russia is the concern: 'Could I be making a mistake?' It is almost impossible to forecast one's success and happiness, or lack of, in a move to Russia for career or personal reasons. Things can be complicated further when an entire family is considering making the move.

People will question if a move to Russia will be good for their career, if they will be safe, have friends, enjoy their life here, maintain good health and be happy and successful.

What puts people off is bad press, fear itself and fear of the unknown, and the location. They can be convinced to change their mind via good press, PR and personal accounts, and visiting the country prior to moving to Russia.

Luc Jones, Partner, Antal International Russia

The main reservations about taking a job here are purely due to the typical stereotypes and misconceptions that persist abroad, thanks largely to the negative way in which Russia is portrayed in the western media.

Russia is rarely viewed as a place where an expatriate can advance his or her career, when, in fact, the opposite can be true for someone with the right mindset who is prepared to adapt and work hard. The perception is that the country is aggressive and unwelcoming to outsiders, but the majority of foreigners I talk to enjoy living here and are almost certainly earning more than they would back home.

Foreign companies looking to relocate an expatriate would be wise to invest a little time and effort in assisting this person with advice on life in Russia through introduction trips that do not consist of five-star hotels and chauffeur-driven trips from the office to restaurants to the airport, but rather living in an apartment and perhaps a ride on the metro and a trip to a local supermarket.

Alla Yeremeyeva, recruitment manager of ANCOR Energy Services, part of ANCOR Personnel Holding

Many foreign specialists are attracted to Russia by the high salaries on offer and sizable compensation packages for travel, accommodation and insurance.

The Russian market is dynamic and growing, and this attracts foreign specialists and managers because it gives them an opportunity to use their skills and knowledge while avoiding the routine of Western business, which is much more structured. Furthermore, many foreigners note that Russians are quick to adopt foreign methods of doing business and to react to changes.

When a foreigner receives a job offer in Russia, the main reason for his doubts is information about the criminal situation in our country. HR specialists often organize detailed consultations and introductory training sessions to help a person from a different culture adapt and learn how to behave.