Albanian Ammo Depot Blast Kills 9

TIRANA, Albania -- Troops and police cordoned off a smoldering army depot north of the Albanian capital as crews searched Sunday for workers missing following a chain of explosions that killed at least nine people and injured hundreds.

Nine bodies have been found, but 10 workers remained missing Sunday, authorities said. More than 240 people were injured, including children, and at least 130 remained hospitalized.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha said the explosions in Gerdec, a village about 10 kilometers north of Tirana, were an accident: blasts triggered during work to destroy excess ammunition stockpiled during Albania's communist past.

The chain of explosions started Saturday and continued until early Sunday, severely hampering rescue efforts.

Gerdec was declared an emergency zone, and Berisha promised relief for villagers who lost their homes.