Some Shoes Are Hard to Fill

Finding a pair of high-quality shoes that will make it through the Russian winter is always a challenge, but the search becomes more difficult for those whose feet are a little larger than normal. Most shoe stores readily offer up to size 40 (US size 10) for women, and many can pull out a few pairs of 41 (US size 10 1/2), but asking for anything larger than that usually provokes an incredulous look from the salesperson, if not some kind of unpleasant comment. While it is nearly impossible to get a bargain on larger-sized shoes, there are a few stores that do at least offer them in moderately fashionable styles, if you know where to look.

Hidden away in a shopping complex near the Timiryazevskaya metro station is the stall of Triton Shoes. Despite having a rather impressive web site, the store itself is very modest. They do, however, have reasonably priced, trendy shoes for women up to size 44 (US size 13) and men up to size 48 (US size 15).

The Moscow shopping center near Lyublino metro station has more than one shopping option: Norita, in pavilion 57, and King Shoe at pavilion 28, which is a good thing if you bother to make the trip out there. Despite its name, King Shoe also offers footwear for the other end of the spectrum, selling women's shoes in sizes 32 to 35 (US sizes 3 to 5) and 41 to 44 and men's shoes in sizes 38, 39 and 46 to 52.

Mara Shoes, at the 1000 Things shopping complex by Paveletskaya metro station, is more conveniently located, but you pay for the accessibility; their cheapest seasonal offering is 8,000 rubles.

There is also the appropriately named, which offers men's shoes up to size 53 and women's shoes to size 43, but their location has changed so it makes sense to check their web site before making a visit.

Mara Shoes, 39 Novokuznetskaya Ul., "1000 Things" Shopping Center, M. Paveletskaya, 228-2509,

Norita Shoes, three locations in Moscow, 507-3322,

King Shoe, three locations in Moscow, 739-1470,, 27 1st Kolobovsky Pereulok, Bldg. 3, 2nd floor, M. Tsvetnoi Bulvar or Trubnaya, 504-7884,

Triton Shoes, 9 Ul. Kostyakova, "Ekonom" Shopping Complex, M. Timiryazevskaya, 729-3613,