The Russian Wolfhound - A Symbol of ""Imperial Hunting""

The cover of the spring issue of Moscow Guide, and variations of the image by the Elena Gallery, will be displayed at the exhibition "Imperial Hunting".

17-23 March 2008
Gallery "Elena"
M. Bronnaya, 32, 11am-8pm

The exhibition will also include paintings, prints and sculpture from A Plastov (1893-1972), Louis Bill Bonno (1855-1936), H. Gauk (1858-1927), V. Vatagin (1883-1969), G. Valk (1918-1998) and N. Nikogosian, as well as late-19th century lithography and works of young artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Irkutsk.

For readers of The Moscow Times entrance is free.

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