Voting for a President

Oksana Onipko / MT
Three election officials making their way to voters in a Moscow region settlement 20 kilometers northwest of the capital.

Sergey Ponomarev / AP
Soldiers voting while an officer plays the saxophone in Moscow. Live music played at many polling stations nationwide.

Andrei Kasprishin / Reuters
A man from the Polar Bears swimming club buying pies at a polling station in Barnaul. He said Dmitry Medvedev got his vote for being "sporty and in good shape."

Vladimir Filonov / MT
A boy peering our of a voting booth as his parents mark their ballots at Polling Station No. 3442 in the town of Yubileiny, 25 kilometers northeast of Moscow, during the presidential election Sunday.

Vladimir Filonov / MT
Voters registering their passports with election officials at Polling Station No. 3442 in Yubileiny in the Moscow region.

Igor Tabakov / MT
Women reading information about the candidates at a Moscow polling station.

Igor Tabakov / MT
Tolyatti resident Alexei Kholenko, 54, voting at Moscow's Yaroslavsky Station.

Grigory Dukor / Reuters
Dmitry Medvedev and his wife, Svetlana, registering with an election official before voting at a Moscow polling station.