The Moscow Times Held a Reception for the Mariinsky Theater Troupe

On the 25th and 26th of February premiers of the Mariinsky Theater took place in Moscow on the new stage of the Bolshoi Theater.

The theater presented an evening of one-act ballets including Serenade, In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated and Le reveil de Flore. As a part of the festival, The Moscow Times along with "Golden Mask" organized a reception for the Mariinsky Theater troupe, which was held at the Bolshoi Theater on February 26th. During the reception, MAXINE MATERS, publisher of The Moscow Times, thanked representatives of the "Golden Mask" Festival and the artists of the Mariinsky Theater and presented bouquets to the leading artists of the ballet and festival organizers: MARIA REVYAKINA (general director, "Golden Mask" Festival), GEORGIY TARATORKIN (president, "Golden Mask" Festival), SERGEI VIKHAREV (choreographer Le reveil de Flore, Mariinsky Theater) as well as ballet dancers VIKTORIA TERESHKINA, YANA SELINA, EKATERINA KONDAUROVA, EVGENIA OBRAZTSOVA, DANILA KORSUNSTEV and VLADIMIR SHKLYAROV (Mariinsky Theater).

Performance Le réveil de Flore

Performance In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated

Performance Serenade

Sergey Vikharev (Mariinsky Theater), Maxine Maters (The Moscow Times), Georgiy Taratorkin ("Golden Mask"), Maria Revyakina ("Golden Mask")