Ask the Chef

Pasta Della Mamma
Pavel Tyagunov is the head chef of the Pasta della Mamma restaurants.

Best dish
"Portobello pasta."

Most popular dish
"Portobello pasta, pasta alla carbonara."

Favorite dish
"Stuffed calamari."

Favorite (other) restaurant in Moscow
"Repin restaurant under the direction of head chef Sergei Lyapin."

Favorite (other) restaurant worldwide
"The Fat Duck, London."

Strangest dish you've tried
"Pea dumplings in Egyptian cuisine."

Is your cuisine authentic or adapted to local tastes?
"Adapted. We have tried to present recipes of classical dishes: pastas and salads collected from different regions of Italy. Ninety percent of the ingredients used in our restaurant are from Italy."

Comment on the state of the Moscow restaurant business
"The business is only just beginning to develop as a business; there is already an understanding that the center is oversaturated with restaurants, while the suburbs are in need of good restaurants with tasty food. I hope that in the next two to three years the restaurant business in Moscow will normalize."

Most important or surprising thing you have learned in your profession
"The most important thing is that a head chef needs to be an analyst and also a psychologist. Most surprising -- there is no limit to perfection."


Pasta della Mamma

12/9 Spiridonyevsky Per., 221-6464,

M. Pushkinskaya; 31 Novinsky Bulvar, 221-6464, M. Barrikadnaya;


6/34 Ul. Repina, Khimki,

542-4882, 510-5315, M. Rechnoi Vokzal.

The Fat Duck

High Street, Bray, Berkshire,

England +44 (0) 1628 580-333,