Moscow Presses Iran After Vote

The Foreign Ministry urged Iran on Tuesday to comply with demands by the United Nations Security Council to curb its nuclear program, but Tehran remained defiant.

The Russian comments underlined Moscow's commitment to rein in Tehran after the Security Council passed a resolution Monday imposing a third round of sanctions on Iran for its refusal to suspend sensitive nuclear activities.

Russia and China have been lukewarm about taking tough action on Iran, compared with the European Union and especially with the United States, which fears it is seeking a nuclear bomb.

"This resolution is a serious political signal to Tehran about the need to cooperate with the UN Security Council," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The resolution imposed more travel and financial curbs on Iranian individuals and companies, expanded a ban on trade in items with both civilian and military uses, and called for increased vigilance over Iranian financial institutions.

Tehran, which has ignored all council resolutions demanding it freeze its uranium enrichment program, remained defiant. "This resolution ... has been issued based on political motives and hostile orientations and lacks value, is unacceptable and condemned," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini, the IRNA news agency reported.

Diplomats described the sanctions as a moderate tightening of the screws from the two previous resolutions.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said the UN resolution was "an uneasy compromise" from which all the "excessive political and economic demands by hardliners" had been dropped.

It also said: "We expect Iran's leadership to analyze thoroughly the declaration by the six foreign ministers as well as the contents of the adopted resolution and opt in favor of meeting demands by the International Atomic Energy Agency and Security Council."