Kvartira 44, Version 2.0

MTKvartira 44 has branched out with a new home in Zamoskvorechye.
Fans of bohemian cafes will be happy to hear that one of Moscow's favorite arty eateries, Kvartira 44, has now become a chain with the opening of a second branch.

Located on the former premises of the now defunct Ogurets club, the new Kvartira 44 is tucked away on an obscure backstreet and is not the kind of place you would just stumble upon. The two-story cafe follows a design similar to the first -- it basically feels like you are sitting in a retro living room. Unlike the first cafe, however, the new Kvartira 44's first floor is incredibly dark. Although it does add somewhat to the atmosphere, it's so shadowy that it is hard to read the menu, let alone the books on the shelves.

The menu doesn't differ much from that of the first Kvartira 44, although prices have risen since the original opened just over a year ago. A tomato and basil salad costs 290 rubles; broccoli and cauliflower with olives and pesto goes for 160 rubles; grizzini, carrot, cucumber, celery and sweet pepper vegetable sticks, is 110 rubles. Soups include borshch (180 rubles), chicken noodle (170 rubles) and an eggplant puree (170 rubles). Crostini sandwiches cost 65 rubles and come with either dor blu cheese and apple, grilled vegetables or tiger prawns. More filling choices include farfalle with salmon (250 rubles), chicken fillet wrapped in bacon with pesto sauce (260 rubles) and baked trout with sherry sauce (320 rubles).

Breakfast is served from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes such options as porridge (100 rubles), yogurt with fruit (200 rubles) and omelets (120 rubles).

It would seem that Kvartira 44 has yet to get its liquor license as no wine or spirits were available on a recent visit, but it does serve beer -- Sibirskaya Korona (110 rubles a half-liter), Staropramen (150 rubles a half-liter) and Hoegaarden (220 rubles).

There is live music in the evenings: piano Sundays through Wednesdays and various other acts, such as jazz and folk, on the remaining nights.

24/8 Ul. Malaya Yakimanka, 238-8234, 10 a.m.-midnight, M. Polyanka.