Chef's Secrets: Salad Olivye With Quail

A recipe from Yar's head chef Matthew Cooper.

Per portion:

50g smoked chicken meat
40g boiled potato
half a quail
30g fresh cucumber
30g marinated cucumber
30g boiled carrot
1 1/2 boiled eggs
1 quail egg
10g green peas
40g homemade mayonnaise (or regular Provencal)
15g mix salad (romaine, latuca, frisee, lolla-rossa, radicchio)

For the marinade:

20g chili sauce
50g soy sauce
salt, pepper to taste

For the mayonnaise:

1 liter grapeseed oil
5 egg yolks
15g red wine vinegar
15g lemon juice
20g Dijon mustard
salt to taste.

Pour sauces over the quail and leave to marinade in the refrigerator for five to six hours, then fry and moisten with smoke flavoring.

For the mayonnaise, beat the egg yolks in a blender. Gradually, in a fine trickle, pour in some oil, add vinegar, lemon juice and some more oil, Dijon mustard and then the rest of the oil. Chop the vegetables, chicken and boiled eggs into cubes, dress with mayonnaise and shape into form. Boil the quail egg for two and a half minutes, then place in iced water. Dress the salad leaves with olive oil and lay on top of the olivye. Chop the quail into three pieces and lay around the sides of the salad. Before serving, decorate with the quail egg, chopped in half.