Restaurant News

Bon, an upmarket restaurant best known for its artistic interior designed by Philippe Starck, has come under new management -- the Arkady Novikov Group. Novikov has been brought in to wave his magic wand and breathe some new life into the centrally located restaurant. As part of the revamp, there are plans to introduce a more club-like atmosphere -- a large mirrored deejay stand has been installed, the sound system has been boosted and the lighting made brighter and more dynamic. During deejay performances, the area in front of the bar is cleared of tables to create a dance floor. The gastronomic Italian cuisine has been dropped and replaced by a new menu featuring "simple food."

4/4 Yakimanskaya Nab., Bldg. 1, 737-8008/9, M. Polyanka.

For those looking for a hearty winter breakfast, Caucasus-style, the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow has what you're looking for -- khash. The traditional garlicky stew is prepared from cow stomachs and hooves carefully cleaned of any extraneous hairs and boiled overnight until soft. As per tradition, it is served with glass of vodka for a merry start to the day. This macho breakfast is available in the hotel's Cafe Ararat, 9 a.m. to noon every Saturday and Sunday, until the end of March.

4 Neglinnaya Ul., 783-1234, M. Teatralnaya.

Just in time for the festive season, Armenian restaurant Noyev Kovcheg has opened a new banquet hall. Called Vinograd, or grape, it has its own separate entrance, but the same interior design as the rest of the restaurant. There is seating for 50 to 120 people, plus plasma screens and karaoke.

7-9 Maly Ivanovsky Per., Bldg. 1, 917-0717, M. Kitai-Gorod.

The Moscow Times has launched its third dining guide book -- the Moscow Dining Guide 2008 (pictured). The new, bilingual edition has a color section with photographs and details of 40 restaurants as well as a listing section including more than 300 eateries. Comprehensive indexes classify the restaurants, making it easy to find exactly what's needed, whether by neighborhood, cuisine, or even a view. The guide is available for 300 rubles and can be ordered at or by fax on 232-6528.

For more information about the book contact Zhanna Chernyaeva on 232-4774 or