Quick Deal in Ukraine Unlikely

KIEV -- Ukraine's newly elected parliament abruptly ended its first session Friday, dimming hopes for the quick formation of a government and an end to two months of post-election turmoil.

The session exposed cracks in the alliance of the two pro-Western parties, as several lawmakers from President Viktor Yushchenko's bloc failed to sign a highly advertised coalition agreement.

Yushchenko's party and that of his Orange Revolution ally Yulia Tymoshenko mustered a slim parliamentary majority from the Sept. 30 election and had pledged to quickly form a Cabinet together.

However, eight members of Yushchenko's group did not show up for the signing Friday afternoon, according to the party.

"We hope a coalition will be democratic and that it will be formed quickly," said Tymoshenko, who hopes to return as prime minister in a government comprising her party and Yushchenko's.

But in a sign that complicated coalition talks lie ahead, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, who formally surrendered his powers Friday, said he hoped his party would be part of the coalition. Tymoshenko has signaled she would not accept that.

Yanukovych's and Tymoshenko's parties continued bickering, failing to agree on the date of the parliament's next session.

Lawmakers have 30 days to agree on a parliamentary majority and another 30 days to form a government.