Poland Expects Lift on Import Ban

WARSAW -- Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk expects Russia to lift the remaining ban on imports of Polish agricultural products during his visit to Moscow in February, he said.

Russia imposed an embargo on Polish food in 2005 but meat imports resumed in December in a gesture toward Warsaw's new government.

"I have the right to expect that during my visit to Moscow the embargo on plant products will also be lifted," Tusk told Newsweek in an interview Monday.

The two-year dispute added to deteriorating relations under the previous conservative government.

Tusk has sought to improve the strained relations with Russia and Germany. One of his first actions since taking office in November was to lift Poland's objections to Moscow's efforts to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Other issues on the agenda include Russia's objections to the U.S. plans for anti-missile defense system on Polish soil and the Nord Steam gas pipeline, which skirts Poland and the Baltic republics.