Activist Attacked After Protest

A 16-year-old opposition activist was attacked near her apartment building after attending an Other Russia rally to protest the State Duma elections, an official said Tuesday.

Two assailants were waiting for National Bolshevik activist Maria Koleda and asked for her name before they started to beat her, said Alexander Averin, spokesman for the banned National Bolshevik Party. The group is part of the Other Russia opposition coalition. Koleda suffered a concussion and broken finger, Averin said. "She filed a complaint with Moscow prosecutors Monday," he said.

Prosecutors were not available for comment Tuesday.

Koleda was among several opposition activists detained Dec. 24 after staging a protest at the Marriott Aurora Hotel, where new Duma deputies were staying. The activists handcuffed themselves to the hotel gates and demanded that the deputies resign.

A National Bolshevik activist, Yury Chervochkin, died in December after being beaten.