Boxer Found Guilty of Inflicting Injury

ReutersNikolai Valuev
A St. Petersburg court on Wednesday found former world champion heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev guilty of injuring a parking attendant in an altercation last year and ordered him to pay $5,200 in fines and damages.

Vadim Zhernov / Itar-Tass
Yury Sergeyev

The parking attendant, Yury Sergeyev, had demanded 1 million rubles, or $40,000, and jail time of 1 1/2 years for the boxer, whose height of 2.14 meters has earned him the nickname "the beast from the east."

The Kalininsky District Justice Court handed down the lighter sentence because Valuev voluntarily covered Sergeyev's medical expenses, Interfax reported.

Valuev, who was outside the country when the court found him guilty of inflicting "light" injuries, has insisted that he did not hit the man. It remained unclear Wednesday whether he would appeal.

Sergeyev said the incident last January occurred after he chastised Valuev's wife, Galina, for parking in a place reserved for buses near St. Petersburg's Spartak arena.

Sergeyev said she called Valuev, who arrived shortly afterward and beat him up. Sergeyev was hospitalized with a concussion and bruises.

Valuev said his wife called him in tears and complained that the parking attendant had insulted her, media reported at the time of the incident. He said he did hurry over to the stadium, but that he merely "grabbed the man by the collar to bring him to his senses."

His wife had been taking their 3-year-old son skating.