Dantes Ready to Duel

MTDantes' interior is an eclectic mishmash of styles, and so is its cuisine.
First there was Cafe Pushkin, now there is Dantes. Named after Pushkin's nemesis, it could not be more different from Cafe Pushkin.

Dantes avoids Pushkin's staid traditionalism and opts instead for frivolous eclecticism. The interior is a mishmash of styles, with elaborate plaster moldings on the ceiling, which has artfully fallen away at some points to reveal the wooden lattice underneath. There are some tiled sections that resemble the old-fashioned countryside ovens found in village houses. There are also plenty of modern touches, however, such as the advanced lighting and the huge open kitchen.

The menu is equally diverse, offering cuisines from around the world. Of course, there's sushi, sashimi and rolls, but more interestingly there is a selection of steamed dim sum, with fillings including chicken and prawn (300 rubles), crab and scallops (350 rubles), beef or lamb (both 300 rubles). If you want to try them all, there's a mixed assortment (350 rubles). Following in the Asian theme, there are also rice noodle dishes with chicken curry (350 rubles) and with prawns (350 rubles), among others.

Italian cuisine makes a showing in the selection of pastas, such as tagliatelle with scallops and crab (450 rubles) and meat lasagna (350 rubles). Soups are varied, ranging from bouillabaisse (300 rubles) to Thai coconut soup with seafood (200 rubles).

The hot mains are equally varied, including such dishes as carp in sweet and sour sauce (500 rubles) and rib-eye steak (850 rubles).

As this is a 24-hour restaurant, it has a particularly strong breakfast menu available from 5:30 a.m. to noon, with dishes including blini with tvorog or meat (both 120 rubles), pikelets with red caviar (140 rubles) and rice or oatmeal porridge (50 rubles). There are two house special breakfasts -- the Bredli with Vienna sausages, fried eggs, pancakes and syrup (250 rubles) and steak and eggs (250 rubles), both with a freshly squeezed juice.

13 Myasnitskaya, Bldg. 3, 621-7688, 24 hours, M. Chistiye Prudy.