Chef's Secrets: Risotto e Saltimbocca

Peter-Paul Speckert, chef of Sorry, Babushka and Prado Cafe, shares a recipe for a traditional Italian dish.

For two portions:

60g Arborio or Vialonne rice
40g onion, chopped into cubes
30g butter
20g olive oil
50g dried porcini
2g saffron
80g white wine
450g meat stock
6 50g veal medallions

Prepare the dish in a saucepan on a medium flame.

Fry onions and mushrooms in olive oil and butter.

Add rice. Fry for another two minutes. Add rosemary, white wine and wait for it to reduce. Add saffron and slowly add already prepared meat stock, so that the rice's consistency becomes more like porridge. Remove from the heat, add butter and Parmesan.

Prepare veal medallions, lay several leaves of sage on each one and cover with a fine layer of Parma ham. Lightly beat with a knife and fry each side for one minute.

In a frying pan, pour Marsala wine, add butter and chopped parsley. Pour the resulting sauce onto the beef medallions and serve with the risotto.