Fashions to Fit a Larger Bust

MTClothing on display in the DD Shop showroom.
Located on a side street near Tsvetnoi Bulvar, the DD Shop showroom seems like a conspiratorial flat. Inside, two rooms showcase clothing modeled especially for women with a bra size of C or larger. Opened in November, DD Shop makes mostly blouses and dresses, with the occasional blazer.

Most brands design clothing for size B, says owner Olga Promptova, so up to 10 percent of women who have larger chests cannot find clothes that fit perfectly.

To remedy the problem, Promptova created a nonstandard scheme of sizes that get larger in the chest while keeping constant in the waist. The result is a collection of simple yet elegant clothing that can be worn to work: silk and wool dresses in subdued colors, and cotton business-casual blouses. There are a couple of blazers, a coat, and a raincoat is in the works for the spring collection.

DD Shop clothing is made in the Moscow region from imported Italian fabrics. Prices range from 1,800 to 3,600 rubles for blouses, and 2,600 to 4,200 for dresses. All items are available online and can be ordered through the web site. The showroom is open by appointment, but you can also have the items delivered and try them on at home. Even if they don't fit, the service is free.

DD Shop
4/7 Bolshoi Karetny Per., Office 3
Open by appointment.