What to Do: Go Washbasin Sledding

U-513More than 80 people of all ages participated in last year's washbasin races.
Put on a costume and say goodbye to winter by sledding down a mountain in a washbasin. The fourth annual washbasin race will take place on Feb. 24 in Moscow.

The races are organized by U-513, a Moscow group of extreme bikers. "One time we were making a video of people biking and sliding down a hill using washbasins, and decided that the idea should go to the masses," said Vadim Bogusov, one of the event organizers.

The competition will yield winners in three categories: fastest descent, best costume and most interesting "vehicle." Participants are welcome to improve and decorate their basins, they can even slide down on pans and other kitchen gear.

The rules are straightforward. The vehicle is a metal or plastic basin that can be upgraded with sledges, wings, catapults or other equipment.

Bogusov swore that the races are happening regardless of weather conditions. Costumes are encouraged, as long as "you don't ride the metro across the city dressed like a serial killer," the event's web site cautions.

Last year, 80 people participated in the races, which took place at Krylatskiye Gory. This year the location is different and "kept secret until a couple of days before the event, to make sure people don't mess with the slope," according to the organizers.

Annual Washbasin Races
Sunday, Feb. 24.
Location will be posted on the web site two days before the races.
For more information and registration: http://u513.ru/tdh/main.htm