Chef's Secrets: Venison Carpaccio With Poached Eggs, Ruccola and Parmesan

A recipe from Yar's head chef, Matthew Cooper.


120g frozen, raw venison
1 egg
5g ruccola
5-10g shallots
salt, pepper
5g olive oil

Take raw, frozen venison and cut it into fine pieces (it cuts more easily when frozen). Arrange it beautifully on a plate, and smear it with olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.

For the poached egg: Break a raw egg and throw it into a deep saucepan of boiling water into which vinegar and salt have already been added. Boil for about three minutes.

Decorate the venison dish with the poached egg, ruccola dressed with olive oil and salt, fine pieces of Parmesan and shallots fried in salt and dried.