Moscow's Women Like German Men

Moscow's women appear to exercise a special attraction on German men, as they topped the list of foreign nationals taking local brides in the capital last year. There were 147 marriages registered between Russian women and German men in 2006.

In second place were men from Turkey, with 140 marriages registered, followed by men from the United States (119), Britain (95), Israel (86) and France (60), Interfax reported Friday.

Overall, authorities registered 1,640 marriages between Muscovites and foreigners from countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2007, said Irina Muravyova, the head of the city's registry service, Interfax reported.

There is only one office in Moscow -- Marriage Palace No. 4 on Butyrskaya Ulitsa -- where nationals from non-CIS countries can marry Russians.

The report did not provide figures for foreign women marrying Russian men.

German statistics show that Russia is indeed a popular destination for single men, although numbers have been declining recently.

According to data from the German Federal Statistics Office in Wiesbaden, the number of German men marrying Russian women topped more than 2,500 in 2002, but fell to 1,700 in 2006.

By contrast, only 288 German women married Russian men in 2006.

Poland traditionally provides the largest number of brides to German men in Europe, with more than 4,000 marriages in 2006.