Old Favorite Gets a Lift

MTAt Tibet Kitchen, you can enjoy the additional spices and new decor.
Tibet Kitchen, one of the city's most enduring Asian restaurants, has teamed up with Doug Steele, one of the city's best-known expat restauranteurs, to undergo a revamp just in time for the new year. Located on Moscow's premier eat-street, Kamergersky Pereulok, Tibet Kitchen had seen few changes over the last decade. Given the local restaurant-goer's demand for fresh meat and Kamergersky's constant turnover of eateries, this was a recipe for a slow death. Luckily, Steele has moved in to give the restaurant a fresh makeover.

For starters, the sign above the door now reads "Tibet Restaurant." More substantial changes are to be found downstairs in the main hall. The Tibetan temple mural remains on one side, but remaining walls have been given a fresh coat of red paint and the ceiling is now draped in elaborately patterned silk. Overall, the interior design has been given a serious boost, while still retaining its original flavor.

The menu has also seen some changes, most notable being a boost in the level of spices. Whole fried chilies go for 170 rubles. Other starters include spring rolls with either vegetables or chicken at 160 rubles, and chicken wings for 220 rubles. Salads start at 170 rubles for marinated cabbage and go up to 400 rubles for a lamb salad with radish and red chili. Soups begin at 160 rubles for ground meat with noodles or vegetables with black mushrooms and go up to 220 rubles for hot-and-sour soup with chicken or seafood. Seafood mains start at 380 rubles for fish in garlic, soy or oyster sauce. Poultry dishes begin at 300 rubles for chicken in ginger sauce, while meat dishes start at 250 rubles for pork in garlic and soy sauce. The good selection of vegetarian dishes starts at 160 rubles for potato with spices.

The business lunch specials, available from noon to 5 p.m., are a particularly good value at 220 rubles: soup, spring rolls, pork with vegetables, mushrooms with green beans, noodles with vegetables, steamed rice and tea all came included in the price on a recent visit.

Beer starts at 150 rubles for a half-liter of Zolotaya Bochka.

5/6 Kamergersky Per., 692-0267, 11 a.m.-11 p.m., M. Okhotny Ryad.