What to Do: Krusovice Musketyr Festival

A winter beer festival celebrating Czech beer Krusovice Musketyr is running from Thursday to Feb. 9 at a number of restaurants. This beer, with a strong golden color and full body, is imported especially for the festival.

Musketyr is produced by the Kralovsky Pivovar Krusovice, one of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic. The beer's name, which means Krusovice Musketeer, comes from an old legend.

The brewery was located on the road from Prague to Germany, a regular path for armies marching across Central Europe. Over a period of four centuries, soldiers would drain the brewery dry, drinking and taking huge quantities of beer with them. According to legend, the musketeers drank so much beer that one symbol of the brewery became a musketeer drinking from the barrel.

Musketyr, which was first sold at the beginning of the 1980s, is brewed according to an old recipe. It is a unique combination of Moravian and Bohemian malts with a special aroma and a light bitterness. It is usually only available in the Czech Republic, except the two weeks of the festival.

Not only will beer-lovers be able to enjoy a glass or two of this beverage in a number of restaurants across the city, but they will also be able to take part in the program of events, including a lottery and parties. The main prizes -- a trip for two to the Czech Republic and 30 liters of beer -- can be won on Feb. 9 at the final parties in Moscow. To take part, all you have to do is buy a glass of Krusovice Musketyr.

Za Pivom, 14 Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 499-243-2015, M. Kutuzovskaya; 38 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, 363-2430, M. Chistiye Prudy.
5 Oborotov, 61 Profsoyuznaya Ulitsa, 727-3477, M. Kaluzhskaya; 22/31 Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya, 699-2600, M. Mayakovskaya; 22/2 Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya, 915-8709, M. Oktyabryaskoe Pole.
Budvar, 33 Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya, 915-1598, M. Taganskaya.

For a list of restaurants taking part in the festival see www.krusovice.ru