Deadly Storms Cause Chaos in China

GUANGZHOU, China -- Deadly winter storms -- the worst in five decades -- showed no signs of letting up Tuesday in China, where cities were blacked out, transport systems were paralyzed and a bus crash on an icy road killed at least 25 people during the nation's busiest travel season.

The extreme weather -- blamed for 54 deaths in the past two weeks -- was walloping China as the country began one of the world's biggest annual mass movements of humanity: the Chinese New Year festival. Before the storms, railway officials estimated that a record 178.6 million people -- more than the population of Russia -- would travel by train for the holiday, which begins Feb. 7.

But hundreds of thousands of those travelers spent another day shivering outside railroad stations as they learned that their trains were canceled. Most were migrant workers trying to leave booming southern Guangdong province -- often called the world's factory floor because it makes everything from Honda sedans to Apple iPods and Nike sneakers.