Ask the chef

Julien Piguet from Switzerland is the new chef de cuisine at The Park Restaurant in the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel.

Best dish
"It's difficult to say, as I only just arrived. I think our lamb dish is very good though."

Favorite food
"The most important thing for me is good ingredients. I like simple cooking and a casual atmosphere. I am a big fan of cheese."

Favorite (other) restaurant in Moscow
"So far, Uzbekistan. I really liked it. We tried lots of different types of food."

Favorite (other) restaurant worldwide
"It's hard to name just one. For me, it's important to feel good to enjoy good food. One of my favorites is Standard in Buenos Aires, where I lived for two years. I like Argentine food very much."

Strangest dish you have ever tried
"Grilled cow's brain. I ate it in Buenos Aires. I didn't like it."

Do you try to be authentic or adapt your cuisine to the local market?
"I want to adapt to Moscow clients and to my team. I want to bring everything together. I don't want to come here and change everything."

Most important thing you have learned as a chef
"I'm a young chef, but one thing I have learned is to manage people from different cultures. They teach me a lot, and not just about cooking -- I learn about different characters as well."

The Park Restaurant in the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, 4 Neglinnaya Ul., 783-1234, M. Teatralnaya.
Standard, Guatemala y Fitz Roy, Buenos Aires, (+54) 4779-2774.
Uzbekistan, 29 Neglinnaya Ul., 623-0585, M. Tsvetnoi Bulvar, Kuznetsky Most.