Court Limits Time Spent in Bathroom

A Siberian court has ordered flatmates not to bathe for longer than 20 minutes following a communal apartment spat over bathroom use, Interfax reported.

The case in the city of Kemerovo was brought against a mother and her son living in one room of a communal apartment by a woman living in another room.

The residents could not agree among themselves over bathroom use, said Nadezhda Goryeva, a spokeswoman for the local branch of the Federal Court Marshals Service, Interfax reported.

The city's Zavodskoi District Court ordered the residents not to occupy the bathroom for more than 20 minutes, leaving court marshals at a loss over how to enforce the order.

"It is unclear so far how the marshals are supposed to check whether the residents have gone over their 'limit' in the bathroom," Goryeva said, Interfax reported.