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The Moscow Times is Russia's premier English-language newspaper, offering advertisers the country's largest English-language business audience. With a series of different in-house publications, The Moscow Times can fit the needs of any advertiser.

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Media Kit (Russian version)

Media Kit (English version)

The Moscow Times newspaper is published Monday - Friday. Advertising in The Moscow Times is an excellent way to reach both the international business community and Moscow expatriates.
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Looking for an employee? We could post your vacancy on the web site and publish it in The Moscow Times newspaper.
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Classifieds and Real Estate are published in the newspaper daily. Advertisements in these sections can be text and/or display advertising.
For full instructions and information regarding classified placement in The Moscow Times please click here. is the Internet's leading English-language site for Russian news. It is the perfect way to reach a worldwide audience of Russia-watchers.
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Each year The Moscow Times publish special color, glossy country and industrial supplements dedicated to cooperation between Russia and other countries. The publications are intended to attract the attention of the business, political and social communities and to help strengthen long-term economic and cultural ties between Russia and other countries. For details, please click here.
The Jobs & Careers supplement, published twice a year, describes the latest developments on the labor market and is read by employers and job seekers alike.
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The Moscow Times Real Estate Quarterly brings you the most comprehensive analysis of Russian real estate, four times a year.
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Full colour glossy lifestyle supplement to the newspaper which is published 4 times a year. This edition is a quarterly guide about style, fashion, social and cultural events in Moscow. Traditionally the major part of the issue is devoted to restaurants review and listings.
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The Moscow Times offers advertisers the option of placing ready advertising material as a supplementary insert to the newspaper. The advertisements can be inserted in part or all of the circulation.
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Annual edition of the «Doing Business in Russia» guide, devoted to year happenings in Russian business and highlighting the most significant events in the field of economics, politics and culture in Russia, which will assess progress and build for the future prospects.